Family Centred Newborn

Family centred newborn sessions are a mixture of family lifestyle lead by your newborn and fine art newborn portraiture with a twist. They are ran very differently from my outdoor sessions. I'll send you a prep guide so you're fully prepared - but the biggest difference is the flow and energy. My outdoor sessions are high energy and involve a lot of movement and running. Indoor newborn sessions are very quiet, slow paced, and calm. I'm also very hands on and particular with positioning and posing in an authentic way because of the smaller light sources indoors and the space we're working in. These sessions normally take about 2 hours and take place in the comfort of your own home. I have a full selection of swaddles, head crowns and a client closet for you to play dress up with. I do not pose on bean bags or paper back drops - the backdrop is your home and I customize it in a unique way giving variety in your images and a luxury experience. There is no prop out there more beautiful and sentimental than your new family and that's what I'm there to capture.

Family Centred Newborn Sessions are $450 plus GST.

Maternity Newborn Combos are $700 plus GST.

Newborn Lifestyle Video

What if you could look back at not only professional photos of that quick newborn phase, but video as well? Photos freeze time, video shows the rest of the story. The little movements your newborn makes, those sleepy yawns, the breastfeeding bond, sibling interactions. The endless swaying and rocking as you soothe your little one to sleep. Sleep deprivation is real. When I look back on my son's newborn days, everything seems like a blur. I was so focused on healing, nursing every 2 hours, and the dishes piling in the sink that I hardly remember what it was like to hold such a tiny, perfect human. That's why I thought of the idea to offer a 2-4 minute film as an add-on option for Newborn Lifestyle sessions (also available for full family sessions as well).