Meet Katy.

I'm your storytelling photographer! I grew up in Maple Ridge, but throughout my life I lived in Nelson, B.C., Fairbanks, Alaska, Kelowna, B.C., Westbank, B.C., and am now happily residing in Summerland, B.C. where my husband and I decided was the most beautiful community to settle down in to raise our son Kezlin. We also have a cat named Nutmeg. My son was born in 2018, and he is the sweetest boy who inspired me to start Moments for Mamas. I feel a rush when I capture the most incredible emotions through my lens - and then when I begin the editing process I complete my vision by chasing colours, adding warmth, enhancing those rich, earthy tones, and bringing my art to life. My favourite time to photograph is at Golden Hour or during a dark & moody storm.

When I'm not spending quality time with my family or at photo sessions/editing, I'm either hiking, snuggling up with a blanket watching a good movie, blogging, or thrifting. Add some sushi in the mix with any of those things and I'm one happy mama. We are a very family orientated household and love doing things together.

Photo credit to the AMAZINGLY talented Tracy Dawn Photography in Kelowna @tracydawnphotography_lifestyle

Photo Credit: Tracy Dawn Photography in Kelowna, BC. She is the mama I trust with every photographer bone in my body to capture our family. @tracydawnphotography_lifestyle

Thank you for reading about my tribe.

The Moments for Mamas story.

Before I had my son I was exploring all the types of photography and really trying to grasp what I wanted to specialize in. Who was I? What did I believe in? Where is my passion heading towards? Once I gave birth, I rediscovered myself and created a niche with my art to photograph the new beauty I recognized with different eyes - mamas and their littles. I knew being a first time mom, the photos of your little ones are always taken by YOU, and the moment there's a great photo opportunity with you in it, nobody thinks to pick up their phone or the camera and capture it. Mama, I want to be the one to capture those moments for you.

Your life becomes my studio. I want you to let your hair down, and take a deep breath, Mama. In this moment, no one is judging you. I want to see your family's wild side. I specialize in outdoor sessions - so let's get lost in the forest, wiggle our toes in the sand, get blown away by the wind, and dance in the rain. A typical session with me begins with the traditional "look, smile" shot just so we have one, but then we quickly transition into natural candid shots. I'm a storytelling photographer specializing in mamas & littles. I like to follow the temperament of your children - if they're shy and tired, we get cozy and take snuggle shots, if they start to warm up to me we can play their favourite game, run around and jump in your arms, or explore what they think is interesting around them. This is what makes your session so unique - you will not have the same poses as the family I photographed before you. Every child is so unique, and so is your family, and so are your images. I find this is the best way to get the most genuine emotion in your photographs. We might get dirty, we might take a little adventure. I offer sessions anytime during the weekend, and weekday's in the evenings (winter time is weekends only). If you want that extra touch of magic in your photographs, I strongly suggest booking a Golden Hour session to capture those burnt orange and honey warm light flares. This is where my art really shines, and most of the images you see in my portfolio are at Golden Hour. The session is finally complete with style. When you book with me, I send you a complete PDF Styling guide that should answer any questions you may have about what to wear, and I also have a full client closet available to you if it comes with the package you book. Following my style guide really ensures consistent work that you see in my portfolio and makes the entire artwork cohesive.