I have a studio!!!

Ok, I'm actually really excited about this as you can tell. I've been dreeeeeaming about having a studio. It's not everything I dream about, but it's a miniature version of my dreams and I can't wait to photograph all my beautiful clients here. One day, I hope to either work my ass off to be able to rent a space in a separate building on the top floor, or just win the lottery so I can build my own LOL. Walls covered in rusty brick, hardwood floors creak stories footsteps that walks on them before me. Gigantic windows that bring in this amazing natural light, tall ceilings, a full separate dressing room, coffee station, the list goes on... but enough of my dreams. Let me tell you about my studio NOW.

I think I'm most proud of the feature wall. I see so many studios that are super white because white is a natural reflector, it's versatile and easy to change up, but I wanted this to be different. I wanted you to walk in and be like, "wow, yeah, this is so you." I wanted to take what you see all over my feed, my website and portfolio, and spread it all over this space. The feature wall was hand painted by MOI. If you watched my Instagram stories as I led you down the path of creating this space, you'll know I was really scared how how the wall was looking. I thought to myself, "oh Lordy. It looks like my 2 year old painted this." Once I added the furniture in and brought it all together though, I fell in love with it. I painted it a copper shade and then sponged on metallic gold. I wanted it to have a fine art texture to it especially once it's blurred slightly with that beautiful bokeh in your photographs. The light is brought in through the big sliding doors beautifully diffused by white sheer curtains. Those sliding doors is how you enter the studio so you don't even have to walk through my house. That was another fear I had creating this space. "What if I have dishes in my sink? What if there's toys in the living room?" So this was a great way for clients to enter the space without having to enter the WHOLE space if you know what I mean. A quick walk to the bathroom is right down the hall (technically you will see my kitchen, but I had a lot of clients reassure me that it's OK and to be expected from an in-home studio. They're also all mamas and completely understand if I didn't load the dishwasher yet).

Against that cool feature wall is a low sitting double bed covered in creams, ivory, lace, crochet, and different textures and pillows. Occasionally I'll throw a coloured blanket on there just to spice things up a bit. On either side of the bed is a wicker and rattan chair. Then in different places of the studio you'll find textiles and details such as macrame, dried floral arrangements, wooden bowls, vases, blankets, and faux fur mats. I like to switch things around regularly just so clients have some versatility in their images.

On the opposite wall of the bed is my client closet filled with dresses you can play dress up in. Maxi dresses for mama, fedora hats, a small (but growing) kids line, head crowns, and multiple newborn swaddles, props, baskets, and blankets. There's also a big basket full of snacks, books, and wooden toys for your littles in case your newborn has an older sibling. Newborn Lifestyle sessions can take up to 3 hours and that's hard for a toddler to sit and wait through. As a last resort I also live across the street from an Elementary school with 3 different playgrounds in case Dad wants to walk over there with your child(ren) while we focus on solo photos of your newborn. I will never EVER ask you to leave me alone with your newborn, though. That's like newborn safety 101... always have a spotter.

Someone likes to sneak the basket of snacks though when I'm not looking.

My editing style for this space isn't full of heavy contrast and golden light like my outdoor sessions. It has softer, muted tones with a more dark & moody vibe. Still consistent with the warmth and colour though. The floors are a dark laminate that my hubby and I installed ourselves. We're lucky to have a landlord that lets us update things like that.

Although the space is small, there's lots of different posing options I can play around with because of the different places to sit and get cozy together. I also put up a wall divider for that extra bit of privacy in case you need to change outfits and so you aren't looking at my kitchen the entire session (this room used to be my dining room, but we're an dinner on the couch kind of family). There is no artificial studio lighting used, but I do have soft boxes on hand in case of an emergency (if it's a REALLY overcast day and we're just not getting enough light). Other than that the studio is 100% lit with natural light and bounced off with reflectors.

If you look on the top of my website at the menu, there's an "About" tab. Hover over that and you'll see a button called "The Studio" where you can read about more session details to do with the studio. It was quite the investment to put this space together after all the furniture and details were tied together. I'm currently waiting for one more piece (a big boho wreathe custom made by a local florist called Simply Floral in West Kelowna). It's a local mama who makes beautiful arrangements. Once that's hung above the bed my heart will be so happy. I can't wait to update my website with more work taken in the studio. It's been a lot of fun making my vision come to life and having you all join me as you've been watching and engaging with my Instagram stories and Facebook posts. Once Covid is out of the way I can also do back to back mini sessions in this space especially in the colder months when doing them outside in frigid temperatures isn't ideal.

Thanks for following this studio journey with me! I hope I get the opportunity to photograph you all in this space one day.