Family, newborn lifestyle, and couples. We start with a "look and smile" pose, and then I'll direct and prompt you to do things that will achieve those candid/emotional images. That's how I get the family's vibe. Some families need extra direction and structure, and others do great going freestyle. The kids also tend to feel much better and less pressured when I either step back or make the session play-based rather than act like a Sergeant. After that look and smile pose in the beginning though, I will tell you when you need to look at me. I would much rather you pay attention to each other than my camera. The last thing I want is to look through your gallery and all the photos are of the parents pointing at my camera telling their kids to look. I want you to be present with each other, I want you to have fun, and I want your session to be stress free.

Whatever your family looks like - crazy, timid, chaotic, wild - the love is still there and I want to photograph the magic.

When we have each other, we have everything.