Feel free to explore my work to ensure my style is what you're looking for. I am not a "look and smile" photographer, and I shoot 1-2 hours prior to Golden Hour until the sun sets. I will be there to prompt and gently direct you such as reminding you to touch, stroke your daughters hair, and think of how much you love your family, but when I back up and just let your children have fun and explore their environment, that's when families are most at ease and that's when I capture the most genuine images that are so unique to you. I want to see them run wild, I want to see them hold you tight, I want to see you play their favourite game. Be prepared to get dirty. My sessions also involve styling assistance - we go into depth about family wardrobe based on your session location and the mood. My main focus is capturing connection and emotions, but I do consistently edit on the dark & moodier side, chase colours, add warmth to my images and love rich, earthy tones.

That's the great thing about photography - it's art that's always evolving.