Feel free to explore my work to ensure my style is what you're looking for. I am not a "look and smile" photographer. I will be there to prompt and gently direct you, but when I back up and just let the littles have fun, that's when families are most at ease and that's when I capture the most genuine laughter and photos that are so unique to you. I want to see them run wild, I want to see them hold you tight, I want to see you play their favourite game. Be prepared to get dirty. My editing style changes based on the environment, the colours you wear, and the type of session it is. My main focus is capturing connection and emotions, but I do consistently edit dark & moody, chase colours, add warmth to my images and love rich, earthy tones. My favourite time of day to photograph is at Golden Hour.

That's the great thing about photography - it's art that's always evolving.